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July 30, 2011
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Kamu ref CC OCT by KestrelRaptor Kamu ref CC OCT by KestrelRaptor
My character for Chernobyl-curs ([link]),
Even if i dont get in i really like this guy, so I'm keeping him.
Name: Kamu, (- it means blood-red or blood) (-When he is normal he is just called Kamu, but when The Rage is unleashed he is called Enraged-Kamu or Rage-Kamu.
Breed Base: short-haired Australian shepherd, Border collie, and Australian cattle dog.
Age: about 3 years
Gender:male Height: about 22 inches (at the shoulder)

Abilities: When something triggers him, Kamu can turn mean in a split second. When “The Rage” is unleashed, even Kamu’s appearance changes, his brown eye darkens until it is black and fringed with red and he becomes stronger. His normal, friendly personality changes into a very different one.

Kamu is very agile and swift, he is great at dodging and quick movements. His agility and swiftness are his best abilities, He is skilled at using his smaller size and athletic abilities to make quick, hindering attacks with his sharp teeth.
Kamu has great endurance, this plus his agility creates a great combination that can be devastating when used right. He is very good at wearing down his attacker by constantly pestering them and dodging their attacks until they are tired and slow.
Enraged-Kamu is in general, mainly just much stronger than normal Kamu. Both Normal and Rage-Kamu are very agile, but Rage-Kamu is more rash and vicious plus he has more strength. When he hits, he hits strong and hard.
Kamu also has good hearing.

Kamu is not good at close combat. Enraged-Kamu is much better at close combat but also prefers to have space to move and maximise his attack. If Kamu is pushed into fighting at close quarters he is unable to make the most of his agility and swiftness and is at a disadvantage.
Kamu is not extremely big, this makes it easier for a bigger dog to knock him or Rage-Kamu over or slam into them.
Kamu has sensitive ears; loud noises hurt his ears quite badly.
Kamu is also quite weak, he is not strong enough to hold up much weight. If he were to be pinned to the ground by an object or another dog, he would find it very hard to push it/them off him.
When Kamu unleashes “The Rage”, Rage-Kamu's hearing deteriorates; His ears constantly ring with a dull thudding sound. He can still hear things, but not as clearly and he has to focus on one sound at a time. At this time it would be very easy for someone to sneak up behind him or hide from him.
Rage-Kamu is also subject to adrenalin dumps, this can cause palpitations (which is when his heart beats irregularly) and can lead to moments of dizziness. This has never happened to normal Kamu, but it is not unusual for it to happen to The Rage-Kamu, -especially in long fights.

Kamu’s accuracy also lessens when the Rage awakes. Enraged Kamu’s accuracy is often misjudged and misses his mark, opening a chance for the other dog to strike back.

Personality: Kamu is nice, outgoing and smart. He is curious and usually friendly and good-natured, he can usually get along with others and is pretty easygoing. He doesn’t like hurting someone unless there is a good reason and dislikes killing. When in a fight, he would much rather knock-out the opponent than kill them. He is good at strategy and is a quick learner and thinker, and he is great at finding an opponent’s weaknesses. He can run away from a fight sometimes, but he can also be very brave, refusing to beg for mercy.
“The Rage” is basically an enraged Kamu, brought out by anger, hate, loneliness and thirst for revenge (see history for more info). He isn’t actually another dog’s personality; he is just a different side of Kamu. A bit like how someone may act silly and funny one day and then be completely serious in a different circumstance, just much more extreme. The Rage is the side of Kamu that is a fighter, and Kamu hates it.
Kamu really hates The Rage, but without it he would be almost certainly dead by now. He knows that the Rage is a part of his personality, and this both scares and hurts him. He fears what he has become.
Eraged-Kamu is strong and powerful. He is full of anger and won’t think before unleashing it on anyone who dares anger him, - unless Kamu can regain control and stop himself (which doesn’t happen very often).

Rage-Kamu is only unleashed when Kamu needs it most or something triggers Kamu to have very strong emotions. “The Rage” will not be unleashed unless it is vital (or as stated above), in that way Kamu has very little control of when the Rage comes. Sometimes he will try and fight to keep control of himself and stop it taking over, but his Anger is much more powerful than him. In a way the Rage is like adrenaline, it’s like a boost in strength when Kamu needs it most, whether he wants it or not. (-yes I know it’s a weird comparison.)
When Kamu loses control he often doesn’t remember it. When this happens he can feel the Rage coming-then nothing. After gaining conciseness he usually figures out what happened, but has no memory of doing it. Sometimes, however, he has a memory of fighting, but this is less common.
Kamu usually regains control of himself when he calms down or when the fighting ends. It is unlikely (but not rare or impossible) for Kamu to regain control while he is still fighting-unless he gets wet. Kamu usually only gets control of himself when here is a pause in fighting or something he didn’t expect happens.

History: Kamu’s family was killed when he was an older pup, and he was left lonely, hurt and angry, He vowed to find the gang who murdered his family. He hunted them down ceaselessly, barely resting. When he found them, he went into a Rage and killed the most of them, but some escaped. He felt proud about what he had done, finally paying back the dogs for killing his family, and releasing his hidden power and strength in the process.
Using his now powerful rage, he hunted down the survivors, going into a rage again and again until it had become very powerful and he killed the last one.
But then what he had done began to haunt him and he realised he no longer had control of the rage he had felt, and it had become more powerful than he was.
He realised that his first thought of making himself better by killing his family’s killers had really made him lose even more. First he had lost his family, then because of his long absence- his friends, and now he had lost the only thing he had left ... himself.

Likes: Kamu loves food, likes birds, socialising, running, jumping, and many other things. Rage-Kamu likes fighting.
Dislikes: Rage-Kamu hates water. Kamu dislikes killing and hates the Rage.

Other: Just so you know:

Rage-kamu has a weakness to water, he can’t stand it. He hates it more than anything and when he gets wet, He goes back to normal. Water does not affect normal Kamu anymore than it would a ordinary dog, he sometimes actually enjoys it.

Kamu’s theme song is “Monster” by Skillet ([link] )

“Cat And Mouse” By Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is how I imagine his voice sort-of sounds. ([link] )


So yeah, i think i got most of that right.
I hope it makes sense.
This is my first OCT and comic-making so i'm really exited =D It looks like alot of fun.
I'm hoping to one-day get photoshp so i can draw on my PC better, at the moment I'm sort of doing traditional then editing and colouring it on photofilter (which is like Gimp - I think...)

EDIT: I wont be entering anymore.

Kamu (c) to me
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Cloudbat Aug 13, 2011  Student General Artist
Sounds like a male Hiru/Yoru. XD
He got a really long tounge and his bad face looks like a shark~

I'm looking forward to your audition so we will see if this song is really his theme ;)
Anyway I like the idea of his voice even if I would imagine it more like this: [link]

So good luck!
KestrelRaptor Aug 14, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks! yes, he does have a long tounge, like my real dog =D And that is an awesome song,it suits him alot =) Thanks again!
Mango-Rain Aug 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is adorable, he's really great :D
Good luck on your audition!
KestrelRaptor Aug 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks! Good luck to you too!
AmiliaLongTail Aug 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw that bottom left picture is so cute~
Best of luck, comrade :tea:
KestrelRaptor Aug 12, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks! =) Good luck to you too!

And thanks for the tea =D
petanimalia Aug 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
cool, looking forward to seeing more. I love australian cattle dogs :D
KestrelRaptor Aug 12, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks! And Australian cattle dogs are awesome! Sadly Kamu does'nt really look that much like one, but they are still one of my fave breeds. =)
Shinkoryu14 Aug 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright, looks good. We'll add your reference to the group and we look forward to your audition.
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